Tuesday, January 10, 2017

the Light Returns

it snows through sunshine, everything a cast of tans and pinks and blues.
3 weeks is all it takes to notice. We are closer to Spring than to Autumn.

The light rises so quickly and vivid.
Even if there are no crystals in the air, it shimmers with dawn.
Snow has come and gone and will come again. 
But then it was just turning, passing through the darkest night to the other side.

Lately it has been hard for me to take notes after ritual.
Being in the moment has been of much importance.
Being here now.
Seeing all moments as devotional.
So my words here are more recollections based on the pictures
and how I feel now
these weeks later.

Having dug out the fire pit and then a bit of a melt and then cold again, 

there was a frozen base to our fire 

that somehow Bryan managed to drive sticks into.
A ring of standing sticks for our fire
one of the remaining ones which, at the exact time several days later,
was broken
for the solstice.

6 Druids gathered in the encroaching dusk welcoming back the light,
praying for the waters, honoring winter, seeking comfort together.

Taking out the outsiders offering
I turn to a sky aglow with pink from lifting clouds
 and occluded by our fire's smoke cast a reflected pink.
Otherwordly shroud.

The fire of many forms and spirits.

consumed sacrifice and prayer

 strong and gentle winds
layering around us

 winds like a dancer

faeries dance

read this fire


Give us a sign
our omens
from the Ancestors: Uruz or the Aur Ox
the Primeval Wild
from the Spirits of Nature and Place: Othala or Sacred Enclosure
that which we hold safe
from the Gods and Goddesses: Ansuz or the Voice
the wind and the inspired voice of Odin
for the Season:Berkanu or birth or beginnings

cold clean water to wash down our blessings

             embers long into the dark night

Monday, December 5, 2016

And the darkest hour is just before the Dawn

fire spirit
We had made offerings and suppers for maybe a month before the holiday,
you could feel the disruption, the wyrrd and the uncertainty,
the thinning of the veil and the restlessness.
And now it is imperative every day to connect to love and the land just tor survival,
to support the breath rather than any fear.

There aren't too many pictures from that ritual cause the phone was full and it was important 
to be present.
And afterward we burned sacrifice in the five-circle fire-pit, too far to go to in the dark of ritual night, vivid and alive in the dusk of the next day.

 Once again the many to come became the few who did.

 Each of us worked to light the fire, each of us made offerings.

We were just here together praying.
Praying for the year past, for healing to come, for our hopes and dreams,
to ward off evil and fear, to support the waters and the water protectors,
to support each other and our selves, for the harvest and prayers for enough.

Not sure if sacrifice burned or did not, but I know it all smelled sweet.
Not sure if we spoke out loud or only in our hearts, but we had one voice.
The other worldly veil was strong and shadows full.

I can't remember what we ate, I can't remember what we talked about,
I can't remember much
but I do remember the caws of birds, the enveloping smoke
lingering in my hair and clothes for days, like a whisper of magic,
the brightness of the center, the draw of the light.


Our Sacrifice

Our Omens 

From the Ancestors: Berkana -Beginnings, new or continued growth, birth and rebirth, renewal and becoming 
From the Spirits of Nature and Place: Ansuz or Os- the Voice, it relates to wind and inspiration, listen-it's telling us something
From the Gods & Goddesses: Raido-which we think of as communication but seems to be described more often as a journey or progression that is communication and the understanding at the conclusion of the journey
For the Season: Mannaz- the Self

So all those seemed strong and positive and we had hope.
But maybe we do not yet understand or see all that is actually happening
slowly, beneath the surface.

Our fire the next day, to close the doors, to say thanks once again, to make sure all was offered.





 rekindling resurgence sparks into the night
quickly returns to center

let your light shine from your heart into the darkness.