Wednesday, July 31, 2019

MidSummer to Lughnasah part 2

 There are quite a few butterflies and some bees now, though less than usual. 
The tall flowers bloom.
This season has been glorious and all too full,
but I also look forward to the slide towards late summer and then to autumn.
We have seen intense heat and intensity of energy. 
Shade is welcome. 
It feels almost a lifetime since MidSummer,
it was the first day of true summer heat,
our movements respecting the strong and powerful sun.
Hot hot hot. Hat hat hat.
 Now the time of thunderstorms is here again.
Lugh and Lughnasah are like the fullness,
the ripe tomatoes and corn,
fruits of our labor.
So MidSummer would then be recognition or acceptance
of potential.
Let's set our intent.

Notes and pics from then and musings on that:
finally sun
so much energy and effort in the good work.
this new life. 

Up late clearing old.
Out before awake for strawberries.
Grumbling about nothing and letting go of anger and want. 
Encountering significant friends talking about healing and art.

vacuum and food.
everyone arrives immediately and present.
Me and Bryan and Elizabeth,
Ann, Eric and Katrina, Steve and Rhea, Susan
and the energies of our families and partners and kids
not physically present
but on our minds and in our hearts.
setting intent and positive energy
(even with distraction)

 sun and more sun.
 women in hats
laying on the earth
together and individual
we are here to honor the gods and the not gods.
that which goes down and is dark and deep
that with roots below and reaching towards the sky
that which is neither
fire begins
  very quickly
the fire became
very hot
 hot hot fire, even the earth was hot from it. 
quiet prayers and sacrifice,
respecting its strength
which consumed before contact.

 camera so hot it wouldn't take photos.
blind pictures. 
blurred shade.

respect the heat.
cool down as needed.
 What is this shared sacrifice?
How to help out and accept help?
 smoke in every direction.
birds all around.

 Fragrant fire.

 Hot dry summer.
Grateful for the water.


 light streaming down.
heat streaming up.

 Our Omens

from the Ancestors, our Honored Dead: Raido
or communications, traveling like a circuit.
Radio waves and interconnections.
from the Spirits of Nature and Place: Gibor
the giving and the gift and what is given.
from the Gods and Goddesses: Ehwaz
the horse, the relationship between horse and rider, a vehicle.
 That what empowers, that special partnership,
that which gets us to where we want to go.
Care for your ride.
for the Season: Tiwaz
the Spiritual Warrior, Tir or the Pole Star,
balance and guidance and justice.
Directional emphasis on the up and up. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

MidSummer to Lughnasah part 1

this season since MidSummer is High Summer.
Long days, hot days, strong sun, intensity.
As we get closer to Lughnasah, 
suddenly there is a potential crispness in the air
and the presence of autumn lurks.
Fawns are halfway grown, but still with spots. 
But it is consistently about the now, the present. 
Wholeness is here always.
And the fractures of spirit and environment all around us,
are still all around us,
yet our focus remains,
grounded in gratitude,
respect and love.  
Finally we have had some rains but the temperature
had to exceed 100 degrees first.
Now that all is hydrated again, the birds sing more fully. 
Everything seems to breathe more deeply. 
And we do not need to hide from the sun.
Respect the heat and the heat index.
Respect the light and its strength.
Respect yourself.

Monday, June 17, 2019

SUMMER! Beltaine Part 2

Cycles of flowers blooming has accelerated this last month.
More than usual rain and more rain only making the days of sun so glorious.
Though it does often feel like a rainforest here.
Scents of Wild Rose mingling with Hyacinth and the last of the Mock Orange on the damp wind. 
Almost MidSummer feels about right; with the thick greenery, winter seems impossible and far away,
even though today we lit a small fire to take off the chill. 
 If fertility is measured in depth of emotion and profundity,
this has been a very fertile season indeed. 
How much sleep or joy or tears or petals have befallen us?
This amazing life each day not necessarily what you think or want
but what is. 
Be present.

 Snakes and squirrels and birds of all varieties making home and families (with lots of noise)
deer and bear making their presence known (quietly)
metamorphosis and life-cycles of insects already done (though we are still itching)
 The endless day is almost here 
and then
somehow the days will begin to shorten again.
 So much magick in our gathering and words can't really detail the experience.
The smokey smolder, the flaring fires, the misty rain, the spirits gathered, the full plates.
All sacrifice consumed. Gratitude endless. Prayers from the heart.

Pictures share the memory, but the effects are felt in the here and now. 

we've been starting the fire ahead of ritual usually just me and Bryan and Elizabeth
with the rain everything was deeply wet
and even the dry harvests from last year and the pine cones from last season barely burned

Ann arrived with a miraculous box 'o' kiln-dried wood and we had fire
arms and legs and pre-ritual conversation

 Johnny showed up with a friend's mom, challenged by our many steps but bundled in love
and extra blankets. We waited until almost soaking wet for Katrina and Eric and then we began.
I don't usually share identifiers of folk present but sometimes it's important to call our names out loud as if song.
We are here with gratitude to honor the Gods and the Not-Gods of many names said and unsaid.
 candle on a spindle in the center

spirit passing through


Our omens
from the Honored Dead: Berkanu, Birch, Birth Beginnings. Thanks Ancestors for this reminder.
from the Spirits of Nature & Place: for the first time in memory a reversed rune Eiwaz the horse, (pulled the same day that the declared winner of the Kentucky Derby was disqualified) we think of the horse as that enabler or that empowerer, the connection of the horse and rider and the use of vehicle and when something is reversed we tend to look out for that.
How are we getting to where we want to go?
from the Gods & Goddesses:Jera or Harvest, the full cycle of one year that is either beginning or coming to a conclusion.
for the Season: Uruz or that Primal Ox, the basic strength and growth that lies within.
Stuff want to grow.
Tis the season of new beginnings getting us to or through new cycles of growing strong.
closing reflections
 sweets and treats

Bellies full, brave folks danced the MayPole with great laughter, a ribbon in each hand
 backwards and forwards at the same time

We took the MayPole down the last day of May. 
Not the ending but a new beginning.