Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Season of the May

first peach blossoms

Now is the last week of May.
This month all the flowers and trees came back, reminding us of the renewal of life.
That it does come back, that winter ends and summer returns with lush greenery,
is an incredible miracle not taken for granted.

young man carries away the Maypole for another year
Now it is June. There have been warm days, but still many cool grey ones.
Birds sing all the time and it is dark until past nighttime.

danced Maypole
But then it was just beginning.
A bud or flower here, a bit of color there, a single bird song.
Each new discovery magical delight. 

Grateful to be here.
Still blinking at the light and slow to start.

Notes written on the back of an envelope maybe the day after ritual
to try and remember: 

Bear season

Cleaning but trying not to stress.
Maypole broken but trying not to stress. 
Flowers blooming by the hour.
Storm from the night before gone.
Cooler air.

Walking barefoot on moss.
Walking with handfuls of colored ribbons.
Tying knots with intention, 
repairing the Maypole strings.
Weekend coffee.
It's been very hot.

Getting ready to crack eggs
she arrives and we are whole.

Talking about the past, what was and wasn't,
old hurts and illness.
Clearing the air of sadness.

She arrives with more eggs.
We eat pie.
They arrive and we all just eat. 
He wakes up and goes back to bed.

Sometimes it's not all figured out.
Sometimes it's just now.

Where to have ritual and when?
The Nemeton is nice and we haven't been there in a while,
but it is full sun and we are simple.
Let's process there and back and see what we see
alive and growing.
Asparagus! Strawberry flowers! Fiddleheads! Mud!

It's great to be alive.

First offering not to forget & to honor the Earth Mother-
old colostrum from beautiful cows and frozen in a blue jar.
Egg shells and odd eggs for the Directions-
the newness of the East, the love and care and compassion of the South, the setting sun and thoughtfulness and the Bear of the West, the winter and cold and healing of the North, & the up and down and center.

A deep meditation
being connected very strongly to the Earth
and to the self.

Pennies on the land kerplunk into the Well.
More colostrum for the Tree.
Garlic stalk and bacon fat for the Fire.

A good fire.
A strong hot bright orange fire. 
Wind-whipped but not dangerous or smokey.
Never out of control,
the heat of the flames made us slow down
with honored respect for power.

Lamb chops for the Outsiders-
feast across the road please

and trouble us not.

Old rosemary and her peat for Bridget.
Flowers for everyone.
Her hydrangeas from last season
and a whirlwind of ash
spiraling around us.

Her reading Shel Silverstein-
Put in Something Funny.

Her putting in sugar candies for everything.
Her crone walk-
the rocks are crones.
And the Earth.
Babies and Maidens and Mothers and Crones.
All valued. 

Rose petals from the healing bouquets.
Sharing heart and connection.
Smoke through the hollow reeds,
gentle and strong at the same time.

Bacon sacrifice,
bringing it home & cooking it up.
Fat and protein.
Blooming time,
even though we are not 16.
We are still now.

A powerful peaceful ritual.
So much gratitude and never enough.
Learning about letting go.
And speaking up.
Learning about being here now.

Our Omens:
From Our Beloved Dead: Berkanu- Birch, Beginnings, Birth
From the Spirits of Nature & Place: Daguz- Day, Midday, a Clear View
From the Gods & Godesses:Isa-Ice, Cool, Slippery, Transparent, Solid
For the Season of the May: Gibor- the Giver! the Sacrifice, the Gift.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Big Brother IS Watching

Logged in to work on our Beltane post as we think about taking down the May Pole this cool rainy day.
Got the new privacy notice detailed below.
So yeah read on.

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We don't see any notice, but we are aware that pretty much any use of the internet ESPECIALLY with Google interfaces shares or rather sells any or all of our and your information. It totally is in violation of the consideration and care that we like to offer to all we actually interact with, but it is also the terms of this electronic world. We are hoping that you consent to continue to read this blog and to support your community with respect and to love the Earth Mother and each other irregardless of Google.

Seasonal blog post coming soon.


Friday, May 4, 2018

The Balance of Winter & Spring

 It feels like forever since then. It is forever. 
We are now past that time. Past thinking and fearing and now just here.

It felt like Spring would never arrive. We had many more snow days and ice storms and cold weather to hold us back, to keep us quiet, to slow us down. 

But we felt it. Felt it in our spirit, in our hearts in our thoughts and memories.
We saw incremental and tiny changes. 
It felt just right.
We needed the extended Winter, the darkness even as the days grew longer, the not-flowering.
And suddenly we are.

As an aside I offer my deep gratitude to our grove-mates and all the spirits of support and healing.
We would not be so well now, if not for your underlying prayers, wishes and juju.
 I remarked that back then the light seemed new.
And now it is strong in the sky and filling the days until late.
In Winter we take little for granted and as we tip past the balance we come to accept the endlessness of the season.

I pray that we never again take anything or anyone for granted.
That we value each drop of water, each flower and fruit and tree, each breath and each other.
Silence is hard.
So today it is Springlike but yesterday it was hot like MidSummer.
The earth is slightly damp under my bare feet and each day there are new blooms.

Tomorrow is our Beltaine ritual. Happy to dance on the Earth.
I pruned roses this morning, good to let go of the old to enhance positive growth.

Notes from then and pics
a reminder how long ago that balance was.

Cresent Moon
Grove Gathering before
Simple Cleaning-No Fuss/No Fucks
Cold Cold Snow Cold
Coffee and Water and Sap 


New ritual of lighting the fire before as Our Whole Grove.
Just us being.

 I made nothing-all store bought food, all full of gluten.
My energy gone.
She made a giant meal
and our oven became stuffed with goodies.
Sunlight pouring over us all.

Went inside to get baskets of sacrifice.
Everyone arrives almost at once.
Kid comes home from the Federal Reserve
just in time for ritual
with stories of gold
and a bag of shredded money.

Hostessing and timekeeping and culling folks.

Everyone always gathers in the kitchen.
Oddly, one of the least group-friendly rooms in the house.

The gathering was so good.
Cosmic Portals.
Being on the Earth. 
 Old Matzah for the Earth Mother.
Old Dried Apricots for the Directions-many to the East, only one left for the North
Old Petals from my pockets for the Up and Down.

Calling the Outsiders by name- "Illness", "Sorrow", "Fear"
and more.
Asking them to please leave us be.

Bridget of so many Abilities.
Bridget of Song.
Bridget of Words.
Bridget of Fire & Smithcraft.
Bridget of HEALING.

Oils and Sage.
Her offering Bridget Peat.
Each of us seeking Our Balance.
Her finding Bear Scat and a Mushroom.

 Sparking Chia Seeds for our Ancestors with Gratitude
And Prayers for Flowers to come.
The Mysteries of the In-The-Earth.
 Holding the Vervain Stalks in the Leaping Fire.
The Bear's Greens from Winter.
Last Year's last Milkweed (hollow trunks funneling smoke).
One of our three Bunches of Mint.
The Dance of Sweet Grass.

 Prayers for Spring
Peas jumping out of the Earth
Wet Sleeves and Cold Water.

 Our Omens

from our Honored Dead: Berkanu- Birth/Beginning/Birch.
This makes sense.
Especially as we re-centered, thanks ancestors for being here now and for having gone before.
from the Spirits of Nature and Place: Hagal- Hail/Disruption.
We get this a lot. 
And certainly the weather this season was unsettled with extra months of snow and ice.
from the Gods & Godesses: Fehu- Fee/Mobile Wealth/Cattle/Cash.
How do you value something? 
Health is Wealth.
for the Season and the Balance: Ehwaz- Horse/Vehicle/Tool.
What empowered people to get things done, that ability to suddenly make happen, Horse-Power.
The Partnership between the Rider and the Driver
and What's Happening and the Control.

So now all the trees are in bloom and flowers are everywhere.
It seems that hourly new plants and bugs emerge.
I guess the balance is in the doing. 
We are here now.