Friday, June 12, 2009

Solstice is coming

The flowers are full
and so brilliant but only
for the briefest time.

Celebrate the Summer Solstice
the longest day, the shortest night,
the pinacle of the sun as it begins to swing back toward the darkness.
Sunday June 21 noon.

Beltane Banjos And Soft Rain And Maypole Ribbons

It's all about the prep- the preparing for the season – cleaning the house and bringing plants outside. Dusting, opening windows, letting prosperity in.

Waiting for it all to begin.
A real good group - follow the leader. Hudson blowing the dandelion seed head.
Bowl of dandelions to wash to our hands and leap over the dandelion ringed fire washing away the winter yuk.
Marching dance around the fire circle.
Fun fun

Feeling really centered on the earth.
Feeling the Earth supporting my feet and legs and hips and spine and really feeling the Earth.
The wet earth, the rain, the sound of the stream.

The well, the tree and the fire.

The invisible fire very present in the light rain The radiance of the sun.
Distractions and getting it together.
People and spirits coming into the circle: well what do you know?
Remembering to let it go, to offer gratitude for the winter, challenges, things we are not necessarily comfortable with.
The drizzle of fire- do we always have birds answer us in ritual?
I can only really remember the dampness all around and a stillness among all the activity.

Time speeding up and slowing down.

Our Omens:
From the Ancestors: Thuruz- thorn or defensive or protective stance- be on guard.
From the Spirits of Nature and place: Odul- sacred enclosure, protective enclosure, the gates to hold it in.
From the Gods: Isa- ice- get things together, pulling it in.
For the Season: Fehu or fee, what does something cost?
Feeling rather oddly reversed- instead of it being an expanding and mixing it up Beltane omen it seemed a lot more of contracting and clarifying.

Drinking the cool refreshing waters.

Pulling it all together and feeling solid on the wet earth.
Coming bustling back and the hubbub.

Eating lots of salads and food. No dessert until after we dance the maypole.
Many children young and old-dancing and undancing the maypole.
Laughing and laughing and twisting up in knots.

Swinging and banjo playing.

Funny day