Saturday, March 17, 2012

almost Spring

sun rises above the trees

today I saw the crocuses but I think they bloomed yesterday. And I heard the peepers for the first time though others heard them the day before.


The Earth is soft, not squishy but ready.

The warm gentleness of these new days just after daylight savings is a gift. I think it might get cool again for a bit and I am sure that we will have weird and perhaps terrible weather this season, but I am looking forward to spring.

blooming maple

It’s odd sometimes how the equinoxes seem the least balanced because there is such an aliveness of activity. And yet the action of sun rising or setting is somehow held for a moment timeless.

sunrise with second sunrise phantom

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daylight Savings

It is well past 6pm and the sun has not yet set and this morning was not really until almost 7. But soon there’ll be 12 hours of light and dark.

spring goddess

I think between now and Equinox flowers will bloom. And down the mountain, I know they will .

budding branch

Even though it was a mild winter, the lack of snow had a  weird feeling of eternity anyway. It was as if, without the brain change of the endless white shapeless land, there was always just one season of not quite.

unwinter landscape

The thing with The Spring is that breaking out and going crazy. More properly called the Vernal Equinox, conjuring images of small tidal pools that will soon fill with the hatchlings of tadpoles. An opportunity to think about where things come from-a lot of times when things are emerging we are totally unaware of where they come from. 

copulating newts - detail 2

The Spring Equinox is about the sunrise which is the East and the place where the sun rises is the new hope- the new day. This is honored in a different way than where the sun sets. I think of inspiration and the eagle’s flight, vision and our ability to create and to breathe.

There is a vibrancy of becoming. Surprise! Spring!

We will face to the East as the sun sets in the West- Monday March 19th. Come participate in the balance of the start of equal night/equal day. We usually always talk about and honor the Earth Mother and her waking at this time of year. But also there are our selves and specifically the more simplified selves – ourselves as matter and energy. And there is the fleeting balance, the merry go round balance that passes quickly. The Jack-in-the-Box vs. the Jack O’ Lantern.

Bring your sprouting self. Bring something fragrant. Bring some dinner to share.