Friday, April 12, 2013

mid-April mid-season muse

Halfway from equinox to Beltane, days race.
6am feels late by the sun and at 8pm there is still  light.
Sunsets are long and there are peepers everywhere, even here up the mountain.


The birds have been plentiful and glorious.
So too is the positive clearing and creative expression.

time machine

Summer slowly rushes to the edges of awareness.

Plants, feeling the life force from these wet days, burst strong and a deep bright green.
It is chilly, I shiver in a sweater. Will make a fire, but soon. Soon it will be warm, maybe too warm.
Its all good, either way.
Grateful for the long winter, grateful to see it end.
Grateful for this beautiful springtime, slow and gentle.
Subtle spring colors
are instantly everywhere.
Thank you cold hard rain.