Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees


Summer is a-coming
the May
this season of Beltane has been bursting and flowing.
What is the watershed?
What is blooming, what is healing, what is passion?
peach blossommagnoliatulip 
Flowers fill my eyes with color,
subtle shades of pinks and greens,
bright yellows of daffodils and pale yellows of daffodils,
faint orange peach blossoms and deep rose purple tulips and lavender violets.
We are all healing and alive, give thanks.
We wandered for months through Winter and waited breathless
for Spring.
Now every day there is more,
overnight the cherry trees budded and leafed,
horsetail and nettle sprouted up and up,
first handfuls of wild harvests, maple saplings everywhere,
and every day momentum grows. sprouting Our Maypole is not yet erect but still laying down.
Bryan can’t lift heavy things now and we wait for support.
But our dear neighbor and I carried it off the stone wall
and laid it on the earth and patiently unwound the ribbons from last year’s Hawthorne crown in meditative service.
Those branches became tinder for this year’s fire.IMG_9219

Our ritual site to be at the edge of our property at a small waterfall, not one of our fire circles or normal ritual spots, 
but a place of natural magic and earth energy and watershed.
IMG_9229        IMG_9236
Max the cat sharing his offering, vole sacrifice,
and then sharing of the egg balanced at equinox
and fallen off the mantle at Beltane.
          IMG_9239  IMG_9245
We didn’t know that it would be so magical,
of course with the waterfall and these times and Beltane
and all our challenges it couldn’t be other than magical
but this Beltane ritual was really something else.
There are a lot of pictures (thanks to photographer boy)
and less words (thanks to the moment)
But notes and pics as follows:

Time schedule and illness and recovery and reactions
Tears and laughter and silence and shouting
Flexibility and firmness.
Eating the last jar of last years peaches,
tasting still like summer.
This time of the May is a presence, a moment in space. 
what is right at your feet and what is calling to you.
what you need is always around you.
what is around you is all you need. 
the other sideCrow and Raven chasing each other in the sky,
pruning rosebushes, cutting flowers for vases,
setting everything in right time,
baskets together.

these pics were taken by Bryan before any of us got there
Note the figures

first fire
first fire  first fire first fire first fire first fire first fire
first fire IMG_9256 IMG_9257 first fire first fire first fire first fire first fire
racing up and down the mountain
friends right behind us, 
checking the grey smoke at the waterfall,
settling in family with dinner appetizers,
gathering and transporting baskets.
The first fire gone to embers when we got back
allowed me to rebuild the flame
dead wood at my feet
and dead branches grasping my hair.

what you need is always around you.
what is around you is all you need.
rekindled fire IMG_9267 rekindled fire rekindled fire rekindled fire rekindled fire  rekindled fire rekindled fire  rekindled fire rekindled fire
rekindled fire rekindled fire rekindled fire rekindled fire rekindled fire rekindled fire thick farm yogurt with gratitude for the earth motherEarth Mother sacrifice Earth Mother sacrifice directions as meditation, breathe in the east and breathe it out, breathe in the south and breathe it out, breathe in the West and breathe it out, breathe in the North and let it go we are here and nowcons the water filled the air with vaporized molecules and moved through you like a wall of oxygen,
filling up and pushing out
refreshing, reviving, renewing
waterfall waterfall meditation here and now here and now here and now let this fire be a good fire sacred fire sacred tree for Mananan let the gates be open
      fire, well and tree sacred family coffee
coffee for the ancestors
our sweet grass for the spirits and cedar and yarrow for the Gods & Goddesses

our wormwood for the seasonwormwood final sacrifice
burning all of last year’s aromatic plants’ harvestfinal sacrifice final sacrifice final sacrifice final sacrifice
offering a pinch of her sage and a turmeric root
offering flowering branches
offering silence

let there be good healing for us all
let us always be so happy & blessed
let those who suffer be comforted & supported
let us all know loveprayers
 our omens
our omens
pulled first as Ogham sticks,
then runes,
then the virtues
all crafted by Bryan

From the Ancestors:the rune was Perthro or Luck, and the Ogham was the Ash which is like the World Tree-connections and interconnections, and the virtue is Fertility
From the Spirits of Nature & Place:the rune was Nathuz or Need, and the tree was Hawthorne- a certain amount of purity and protection and also the sticks that started this fire, and Courage was the virtue
From the Gods & Goddesses: the rune was Fehu or Fee, and the Ogham was Willow- intuitive flexibility, and the virtue was Integrity
For the Season: the rune was Ansuz or Voice, and the Ogham was Holly-which relates to fire and strength but can also be about welcoming, and the virtue was Hospitality.hallowing the waters
hallowing the waters and the out-of-nowhere puff of flame
giving thanks giving thanks with the pop of a cork from Brooklyn beer like new years we all cheer our gratitude and ladies dance arm in armgiving thanks  IMG_9363
giving thanks
overwhelmed with beauty,
filled with wholeness,
joyfully welcoming summer
we process homeward
children running like streams
grownups laughing
going home
friends who are family feeding us all with fabulous finger licking good looking delicious food.
Children escaping upstairs after dinner, 
everyone eating cookies until late in the night,
what you need is always around you,
what is around you is all you need.  Señor  Druid
So now the Maypole is up, centered by old friends
and one-good-armed Bryan.
Let’s dance.IMG_9381