Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cold Light of Imbolc

This light rushes toward equal time with a blinding yet calming strength.
Bridget as muse and guidance supports us with love and wisdom.

It's been a frozen then oddly warm then bitterly cold season.
A real Winter is good and the longer until late Spring weather the better.
 This holiday is always special and joyful .
Birds sing, the stream flows through ice and the sun rises higher.
We indulge in gratitude for this life and its renewal.
Gathering in the warmth of the kitchen,
we open champagne and toast each other, Our Whole Grove and our blessed Grove Goddess, Bridget
2 Bridgets in the center as the table fills with food
a yummy and mostly gluten free brunch for Bridget!

us 4 adults go outside to begin,
teenager stays inside working on a paper for school,
inspiration calls in many ways.

Sharing ritual tasks is powerful.
Planning ahead spontaneous honoring as a dance of us with spirit.
Our dear long-time grove mate invokes the directions,
 I sit by the center and listen.
Our Whole (proto)Grove.

A good and easy fire burning in the snow.
 Right at the end of the meditation, they appear, all in black and smiling broadly.
"I felt like I was laying flat on the earth."
Young adults grown so much since back then,
she has a small heart drawn under her eye.

  Heartfelt sacrifice for our dear dear Bridget.
burning away Yuletide greens

 bacon and salami and smoked trout,
rose petals and tea and spirits and sweet grass and garlic,
last year's calendar and more

 it felt lighthearted and we welcomed an optimism
our Omens:
from the Ancestors: Fehu or fee or Cattle- our mobile wealth and property, whether debt or cost or inheritance.
I reach in my pocket and there is an old worn Bridget's cloth from 
Imbolc years ago .

from the Spirits of Nature & Place: Ingwaz- the seed growing, expanding, connecting.
Ing- like a verb, like doing or being, like Yngvi, like "Harmony & Unity"

from the Gods & Goddesses: Berkanu or birth, birch, beginnings.
Blessed Bridget, with your midwifery and healing skills, with your keening cry for our dead,
with your kindness and vision and inspiration and craft, lead us forward. 

for the Season: Algiz- posture of attention and caution and alertness and listening and being on guard. Stay alert, the world needs more lerts.

He took a homework break and came down for the waters, 
shuffling on the snow with old friends,
doing the magick work
of passing thru Bridget's girdle thrice.
Bringing Bridget to our Hearth

More food. So much food. Enough food.

 transdimensional resting