Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fools

This extended slow Spring calming the chain reaction of bursting has been a blessing.
Extra time to ease into the longer days, the daylight saving.

It is every day still hard to maintain balance.

Its what we do every day- brushing our teeth and drinking coffee,
cleaning the house and making food, gathering and blinking at the sun.

Today again the ground looks more white than greenish brown, 
but the earth is warmed and comes through.

It was good to have had the blizzard before Equinox, 
Winter's last stronghold, seeming to bury the sprouted bulb flowers,
but they persist and survive.

The focus of shoveling as balance.
The force of the wind bending and breaking trees.

Huddling by the fire or under blankets to pass the time and allay fears, 
to sink into the silence of letting go.

What is in our control or under control or out of control.
That which we cannot control.
Vernal Equinox with no balanced egg but a stick snapped at the dawn moment.

Our Ritual was on a beautiful Sunday afternoon that allowed snow mountains to melt enough to carve out more parking spots(though Bryan was still concerned about space) and to carve out our well and let the ball of ice inside to be our foundation for our fire in our kitchen cauldron brought outside because there really was too much snow. No way to encircle the fire, but its smoke encircled us.

Our discussion about grove and worship groups and ritual and art reminds me of how long we have come together and hosted. So grateful to be here even if it is sometimes hard. That balancing act.
Going for the easy is not the point, but allowing natural flow is, re-balancing as needed.

We were 4 plus the kid:

our dear original grove member and a young friend of a dear friend and our small family.
Simple, quiet, balanced.

There was a bit of overwhelmed from days of snow moving, from slow melt and re-icing, from putting on and taking off scarves, but also new energy.

It is a hard time but it is a good time. To be alive. 

fire well and tree


East West
shining light, smokey fire, sinking in the snow, praying for the water, asking for clarity and support in these troubled times.
grateful for the not-so-terrible winter past,
hopeful for the seeds of the future.



our omens
from the Ancestors: Fehu or fee that mobile property or wealth, value and worth, in terms of Ancestors and the dead- work and cost and this economic relationship that we have.
from the Spirits of Nature and Place: Elwaz or the Elksedge, be on guard or pay attention. Be alert, the world needs more lerts.
from the Gods & Goddesses: the Perthro or the Lottery Cup or Chance. Luck.
for the Season: Daguz or Day, it represents often a profound full vision of what was before partially concealed.


 into the light

 with more melt and rain and more snow and sleet the springtime comes 

do it now