Monday, July 25, 2011

A Mid-Summer Solstice of sweets and flowers

honoring the sun

orange flower aka marigold IMG_6718

oh we could have sung and chanted but we laughed

solstice sun

This longest day dawned as all days with the return of the sun, great giver that asks for nothing in return.

The same sun that shined upon our ancestors, on ancient times, on pre-historic times.

This same sun that has grown all of Earth’s life, that body we orbit, our center, our heart.

I am one with the infinite sun, compassion and love flow from me.

bryan's camers June 2011 059

That day I went to work and Bryan got the tire from Tetta’s and wrote circles in circles of the sun and light on the blackboard wall while there were bits of rain.

bryan's camers June 2011 065

there were the two fires and the walkway between them which is delineated by the garden filled with flowers

bryan's camers June 2011 068 bryan's camers June 2011 070


Susan called to say she couldn’t make it and then Kevin arrived and then Katrina and ZJ and Opie and thus it began. With more folks and families and children and multiple dogs with names that began with the letter “O”

magically found blessings, treats and gifts of gratitude- always the starting place

a plate of sweets

the dancing fire

small but true

smoky simmer of petals

dying down to thick smoke

suddenly come to life

scented fire

black smoke dance of the oils

bryan's camers June 2011 081

sacred midsummer firesolstice after fire

gathering sticks and wood & building the fire with my 9 year old friend, each of us guiding the other simply and gently. Then joined by her 11 year old sister, my sweet quiet friend and friend to my son. We wandered the woods and broke up sticks and finally breathed life into the flame with smiles. “yay Susan” she says.

all worry for naught, everything works out exactly right.

We are here to honor the Gods, Gods who give meaning to life

processing half march half dance always the birds guide us

our hand wash of fresh rose petals

clearing, welcoming, grounding


stomping around the circle laughing until we each found our place

We offered farm milk for the Earth Mother, foamy Ommegang for our gates and gatekeeper, flaming scented oils again for the Kindreds, and so many other special and extra offerings of sacrifice to each of the gates and our Kindreds.

tea for our well and old cloth for our tree and melon in our fire and a crystal down deep to light the darkness for those on the other side

our sacrifice quiet and shy or quiet and strong or loud and clear. the fire smokes and sparks and flares.

bryan's camers June 2011 073

flowers ‘o’ flowers

first harvests

giving thanks in a circle

our omens:


from the Ancestors:Eihwaz –the rune for the yew or the cosmic axis

from the Spirits of nature&place: Berkano- birch, births beginnings

from the Gods & Goddesses:Ingwaz- fertility, seed growing expansion, doing, being, active ing

for the Season:Ehwaz the horse, the relationship between horse & rider

and the Ogham was the Yew-rebirth


potluck of salads and deserts and noodles

more deserts of every kind

water and coffee and watermelon

family games and conversation

bubbles and candles