Sunday, March 13, 2011

The stark endless quiet whiteness of Winter erases all memory of Spring

Fire Well & Tree- out of the mist v2

Is it each winter that we declare the worst? Do we always say “but this winter was really brutal”?  It must be a trick of springtime that we are so beaten, so numbed by winter that the sight of the earth and green things coming back fills us with confusion and wonder. Like we had never seen the earth or felt the moss or heard birds sing.

Since our Imbolc it seems that the world has turned upside down. Changes, personal and planetary have erupted shifting our balance and forcing a re-focus. It has become even more imperative to make energetic progress in the good. Taking the high road, walking with compassion and in truth and with solidarity for each other. As the days imperceptibly lengthen, so too does our energy.

We have had snow and sleet and flooding rains. The earth has alternately been mud and frozen solid. But today we followed vole trails like ley lines and suddenly robins filled the yard. Bulbs are poking through the leaf mulch and all the bare branches carry a  faint cast of color.

I am looking forward to the equinox, to plant seeds and plan the garden, to let go and start fresh.

Come celebrate the balance of day and night with us. Sunday March 20th, gathering & rant at 4ish, ritual at 5ish, family style pot luck afterward.