Sunday, August 18, 2013

bright fire and directed arrows in flight

flames higher than the wild lettucespiral lawn

Now 2 weeks since ritual and the overwhelming nature of summer has infused our spirits.
expanding spirals
Even as the days grow slowly shorter
and the nights blissfully cooler,
we are more involved and lost in work and languid with afternoon naps and also so very busy in a slow motion way.
before the autumn arrives.
This season as non-stop as solstice,
as precipice-like as Imbolc,
full of evolutionary change at microscopic levels.
Notes from just after Lughnasad ritual:
sparks of learning and expanding knowledge
    fire beyond the leaves fire spiritthe apple tree down towards the east
after the unity riders,
days of activity, meals with friends,
many people gathering at different times. 
a different kind of prep, ongoing hosting,
cleaning and cooking
for a variety of worldly and otherworldly guests.
 building fire layer 1 building fire layer next building fire layer next the assembly of the skeletal form of fire to be
building fire nest layer next building fire sweet fern layer next  
waiting for family, meeting new family,
dealing with family, looking at the sky
Hudson River School clouds overhead
mottled tree shadow spiral
When the intent fails,
that is to be acknowledged too.
Even with embers from the harvested fire,
only the new fire was able to ignite.
Struggling with the spirit,
children and camera lenses,
new and old,
growing up and finding space,
harbinger of autumn,
bright light Lugh.
Crom Dubh & Lugh    Crom Dubh & Lugh       

aspersion3 gongs to start,
sage smoke and water aspersions and find space among the knot work of the land.
offeringswhat’s for the Earth Mother?
ah beer, mother’s milk . ok.

calling the Westthe directions from standing still, the clouds and the trees and the wind.
clouds  sacred tree
our well, our tree,
our fire to be
what would not light but only smolder from the maintained flame.
 smoldering embers struggling to make fire flare
embers glowCameras whirr and energy drifts,
remembering other fires and patience.
A log from the other fire,
also embered from the Beltane fire
but really lit from paper,
was brought into this one  
and then its brilliance riveted focus.
 reading the firethough the leaves
small fire kindled
Liqueur for Mananan and oils for Bridget,
neither of which flamed as expected but created a more intensely bright part of the fire.
offering to Mananan
Good to always have a variety of sacrifice. White sage and our kitchen herbs and corn for the gods. Our last cherries for Lugh.
It always feels fast paced or like a dream.
And suddenly it is time.
milkweed dual flame fire fire spirit intent fire                  

feel the air around us and passing through us
children offering intent and silent, or adult children exuberant.
the moss under feet,
spirals of grasses,
no flare ups just more intent fire,
the strange bird cackles, the women offering,
all the cauldron as small beings of flame,
the bacon sacrifice
bacon sacrifice  final sacrifice to be consumed
 final sacrifice
Our omens
of joy and luck and shaping and disruption.
Look for the opportunity, the new seed.
          reading runesreading runesreading runes
Luhnasad runes
from the Ancestors:Kenaz, the torch- our ability to illuminate and shape
from the Spirits of Nature & Place:Wunjo, Joy- particularly the joy of the company of friends
from the Gods & Goddesses:Perth, Chance, the Lottery Cup-chance and luck
from Lugh and for the season:Hagal, Hail- disruption of the old order with seed of the new.
waters in our own glasses each pouring for themselves and the children.

thanks with enough for all.
wistful wholeness.
chill in the air August.