Saturday, September 21, 2019

Lughnasad Rememberance

Now 36 hours from the actual moment of balance 
of equal night and day
in the middle of the night
after our ritual tomorrow afternoon,
 Lughnasad seems so far away.
The winding down of this season and parts of our lives have intertwined
as they always do
beautifully and wistfully. 

Noticeably dawn is much later and it gets dark long before
I am ready to be done with the day.

There are many acorns and the critters still here are busy. 
A few days ago there was an unbroken arched line of geese
heard before seen.
Yesterday was probably the last hummingbird sighting until next year's warmed weather.

Transition and Transformation and Letting Go.

 An old song remembers-
give a little, take a little, win a little, loose a little.
That's the story of, that's the glory of love.
And it's all about love.
Neither of us can remember Lughnasad ritual.

Even the pictures barely bring back the memory.
Seems like a lifetime ago.

There were still flowers. Looks like it was hot.
But because it was Lughnasad,
there must have been thunderstorms.

Sunlight is now more angled, leaves paled with color.
I welcome this turning of the season;
the storing of nuts and plants.
Let the heart and the gardens be emptied
so that they may be filled again.


lighting the fire with the corndle



 giving Lugh a drink


our omens

from the Ancestors: Berkanu- Birch or New Beginnings
from the Spirits of Nature and Place: Perthro- Chance or the Lottery Cup
from the Gods & Godesses: Gibor- Gift or Giving
for Lugh and the Season: Wunjo- Joy
and also Ehwaz- Horse or the Relationship
between Horse and Rider, how we get there.