Sunday, August 20, 2017

Lughnasa notes and musings -part 2

Daylight is so much less now. 
Frantically rushing towards darkness, the spiral of weeks moves onward.

Lughnasa is such a tipping point.
We think of the Equinoxes as fulcrums, but these holidays before them really alter the trajectory.

And I do not morn the waning summer, nor do I look to hasten the wintertime.

I am an August baby, the bugs have only recently started their non-stop 24 hour buzz, 
fruit processing time has begun.
It feels like the summer should begin now. I am almost finally ready.

We have spent so much of this season doing and praying.
Working on health and sanity and schedules.
Lughnasa was the first time to rest, to look around at this blessed bounty of our life,
welcoming the time of the shining heart.

I couldn't take any notes at the time because there was a satiety that I needed to sit with,
even knowing that the moment and memory would ebb like the endless days.
Sometimes it feels like the spirit lingers longer when I don't try to capture it.
Then was after dropping off art, after being interviewed as artists, after the extended family time
and before the birthdays.

 we started the fire in the morning, just us. 
  clippings of cedar and juniper, flower stalks from the garden, our sweetgrass braids

she was supposed to come early, but all things on summertime time, 
and everyone arriving at once 
as it happens 

the peonies from last season, the uneaten sweets, herbs and beer.
I kept searching my pockets for more to sacrifice, there are so many prayers to be said,

so much gratitude to share, never enough simple time or words.

I remember the grounding meditation of earth and breath and birdsong.
I remember his steady quiet drumbeat.
I remember us 3 women circling as we do.
I remember the kid smiling. 

and especially sending out our thoughts and prayers, our song and healing to our brother

the fire is always like dancing spirits
especially in photos 

 Our Omens
from the ancestors: Berkanu or beginning
from the Spirits of Nature & Place: Tir or that directional movement upwards
from the Gods & Godesses: Daguz or day 
for the Season: Mannaz or man


 the light in the center coming forth

and now tomorrow there is to be a total solar eclipse,
an owl called just outside the window in the almost dark.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lughnasa notes and musings -part 1

Point yourself in the direction that you want to go and take aim.
Do it.

Reminded how there is no tomorrow, there is only this moment of summer and harvest.

So we had cleaned for others already and cooked what we had because its always enough.
Bryan lit the fire in the morning, just because, because it was us and the time.
And though we were not going to use that fire we did.
It was comfortable. We were there.

It's impossible to re-create all we experienced, all the bird calls, the synchronicities, the feeling then

We have been praying a lot.
We have been trying to understand and create focus.
Each day seems hard and soft.

This season plunges us into the beginning of autumn even as we also relish in the endless garden, 
the cacophony of insect life, the voluptuous clouds.

The light has already changed. 
It is different.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

MidSummer Solstice-part 3


So it was after end of school and Clearwater and our Anniversary and non-stop beginning of summer
whether days or months long.
Now, almost Lughnasa, seemingly long ago, before everything was ripe and in bloom at once.

At the time there was time for relaxing and errands and cooking and cleaning.
Now, the long days are habit and we have extended our lives accordingly.

The 5-circle firepit or the close-to-the-house one? And how much time?

I read my notes scrawled after all had left and can hardly remember anything except
 the simple joys of family and friendship and food and flowers and music.

She arrived and the chicken was done and the house was all cleaned and we made more coffee and

looked about and got it all done.
Giving ourselves time to set aside to prepare for ritual allows a gentleness to infuse our work.
makes it easier.

They arrive as a family, no extras, and he comes down and we settle on the close to the house fire
we are already here.
And they show up at the final gate offering.
The resettling of folk and spirit,beverage breaks and introductions and regrouping, we continue.

Sacred tree grow within us.

And the hard to light fire and the greasy paper torch-like starter
and the many-strand braided candle, 
like a magical wand of light,
and the small fire never went out.

consuming as it went.
and last season's malted milkballs for the directions
East-but the sun rises more to the north
(and now incrementally later and almost halfway back to due east).
And the South of our environmental lessons of which there is so much,
the South always in the South.
And the West, but where the sun actually sets.
And the North, winter seems so long ago (or ahead) but not really.
And the up and the down (what goes up must come down),
and the center.
Gentle offerings of peony petals and garlic
and mock orange blossoms
and sweet grass 
from both this year and last year's harvest.
Each person quietly sharing theirs with the fire.

And then the season.
her just emptying the whole bag, she reads a poem, her daughter reads another poem,
me completely emptying my pockets of flowers and herbs,
she sprinkles rose petals on each of us and the earth.

More rose petals for the fire
and then the whole basket.
Multicolored woven circle basket
just like us.

Then they arrive
as I knew they would.

Be anywhere

He plays the 3 chimes and Bryan has a penny-whistle and harmonica.
She gets her harmonium and plays

Relaxed sharing of stories.
What is this sun?

Trying to find a way through.

Our Omens
from the Ancestors: Berkanu or beginning or birch
from the Spirits of Nature & Place: Perthro or luck or chance
from the Gods & Goddesses: Hagal or hail
for the Season: Jera or year or harvest

runes story explanations,
more thoughtfulness,
cakes for thanks.
grounding on the earth.
we are of this air.
all waters are connected.
birds sing along.

Summer of much love