Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Samhain(part 1)Summer's End-Winter is here

  It pours and pour and pours. 
But we still have a bit of snow.
From when we got a bunch of snow and then it was really cold.
The River called Hudson is at flood stage and we may get more snow tonite.

It is here, this transitional time of closings and ending and renewals.
Winter is in the air, winter is in the frozen and unfrozen ground,
Winter is in the silence and in the short days. 

Though it is still a few weeks until the darkest days, 
it seems like there is already a bit more breath
and a bit more life.

 Somehow we have rolled through these days of concern and sorrow and towards the joy.
Work far from done, we are finding new ways to cope and to dream.
Again so much has filled this time that it is hard to remember then. 
An instability much greater than these weather patterns surrounded us
and was somewhat indistinguishable from the wyrd or the restless large bucks in the woods.

Dumb suppers for many many days. Everything from the fridge and from our plates. 
It is never enough.
How can we properly thank and honor those who have gone before, 
those who know this struggle of life and death?

What can we do to support each other and how can we make a real difference?
Does our vote or our voice or our vision matter?
How can we stay alive and awake and aware?

Sometimes the enveloping darkness is the answer.
Even though it may be scary.

Soon I will write more about our Samhain ritual, to share my notes and pics
and my memories of that time.
But the days are short and we are busy and it is hard to sit and write.

The season is a doorway that we approach and pass through and now we are here.