Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sunday January 31st , 2010 – Gathering for Brunch & Ritual
In honor of the GODDESS BRIDGET

greeting & gathering & pre-ritual briefing & first brunch & toasting
Ritual preparation (get ready for ritual, layer up, do what you’ve got to do)

Ritual begins
Process to Bridget's Well
Lustration of our Hands or face
Then Cozy up back at the fire

Sacred space & time
Offerings to the Earth Mother
A Guided Meditation
Offerings to Manannan/fire–well-tree/Opening of the Gates
Offering to outsiders
Offering for insider Bridget
Sacrifice for our Kindred Spirits
Our Honored dead
Our spirit Allies
Our Gods & Goddesses
Special Praise offerings for Bridget as the Herald of the Coming Spring-Bring on the Beat
Prayer of sacrifice
Seeking and reading omens
Hallowing and sharing of The Waters
Special Magicwerking –Blessing of our Tools and Passing through Bridget’s Belt
Oh Yay Bridget! Thanks
Thank you Gods! Thanks Spirits! Thank you Honored Dead!
Give Thanks again Bridget
Thanks Manannan/Close the Gates
Thank you Earth Mother
Invite and Welcome Bridget into the hearth & home

The ritual is over and 2nd Brunch begins!

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