Wednesday, February 2, 2011

everywhere, under the ice, branches are budding

day 2 of a month of much snow and wintry weather.

day 2 of at home tending the hearth, honoring our inner fire.

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Today is Bridget’s day and Chinese New Year’s Eve with the groundhog promising us an early spring after this deep winter.

Bridgetour road

Digging and digging and clearing paths, Bryan endlessly making way.

We walk in the late afternoon fog to the Bridget by the stream and even with the mounds of snow and the stillness the stream runs free and dark.

Gurgling life arises.

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After carrying wood and setting dinner in the oven, I stomp knee-deep through the snow with the compost bucket. I pour the decaying scraps, which will be summer’s earth, onto the untouched snow, and the steam from their rot rises hot and dank.  

ice Turning to go back, I see the house surrounded with mist and glowing with the lights and warmth of our home.  front door with tree circle  

Suddenly, the snow does not seem so deep, I feel strengthened by activity, and am willing to allow for spring.

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Celebrate Imbolc with us here Saturday Feb.5th noonish. 

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