Saturday, December 10, 2011

Coming Together Brings Power- Samhain part4


Our shoveling helped the earth warm enough to melt clear and green. We gathered water from the pool, our sacred well, for indoor plumbing. Dealing with the other that is power outage is a strong reinforcement of this season.

K & ZJ arrived and we talked outage and estimated how long. We all had prepared, having learned the lessons from before and there was plenty of food, plates, water, fire at least for a few days.


Sitting outside, getting ready, go

we are here to honor the Gods




I remember the flaring from our sacrifice, all our dead remembered and standing together for warmth.


our omens rattled out onto the Elder futhark map like worlds in worlds

totally magical randomness- the wyrrdness of alignment, pendulum scrying

IMG_7944 IMG_7945IMG_7946IMG_7947IMG_7948

forces that are beyond us

a hidden horse ridding on the outer edge

hail and a hidden voice in the inner bowl

A cluster of upside down guys, but right over where there is the torch there is torch-a shaping enlightening burning. And in the next one to pop up in the Gibor zone or the giving field is Perth, luck and gift and Wunjo or joy is in the Wunjo zone

and in the Hagal or need zone- a cluster of ones that are face up: Uruz or ox (strength), Laguz or lake (to draw up from), and Gibor or reciprocity and Fehu or fee

the strength of drawing up the gift and what that costs

Ancestors- Manu or man, self

Sprits – Elwaz, attention

Gods and Goddesses- Kinaz or torch

Season- Wunjo and Perth - Joy & Chance


The Ogham was Quert or Apple which has to do with the afterlife, Avalon, the choice in love and life

We drank our blessings, we gave our thanks, and all our offerings, gathered our baskets and headed inside


we ate hot chili and drank cold beverages and had pie and real coffee.

Renew New Year

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