Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A dry Spring- the Earth grows hard and dusty. This is a gentle prayer for rain, for appropriate waters, for life to grow and flow in balance


though we had a wonderful vernal equinox ritual with thunder and dark clouds rumbling, it has hardly rained since and with no snow this Winter the Earth is terribly dry. Red flag warnings abound and fires can be fatal as winds blow fierce. It is as if, after the hurricanes, people cursed the over-abundance of water and now we have not enough.

At least the Spring has slowed. With the early hot weather, everything bloomed down the mountain only to be killed by heavy frost and light snow. Up here only our forsythia had flowered and has stayed in flower for more than a month as have the daffodils. I kind of prefer this extended springing, but it is challenging not to have mud season.

dry garden bed

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