Thursday, May 3, 2012

When wealth was measured in Cows not Coins- bits of rants about this season of Beltane

passing through the gates of smoke and fire
this is the time of year when it is all about the dew as Samhain is about the frost.
all the different forms that water takes in this water cycle and both mist and dew are manifestation of the vaporous or the seemingly (seemly, seedily, steamily,sexily) formlessness into tangible material

This time is about the courtship displays and the building of nests. The bees aren’t buzzing around for their personal jollies, they are feeding the hive.
Thinking about energy and transference and banks and batteries and storage and sharing and use.
the growing god is the dying god, it has to die to be reborn
the thing about the flower and the bloom and the blossom it is like bud- bloom- blossom it may take a few days maybe a week but you know these flowers aren’t going to last forever.

fire dancers

Linking this Celtic fire holiday with labor and making a livelihood which is more of a people relationship than we give it credit for. The seasonal livelihood opportunity thing when does it start and when does it end. in Samhain we are very aware of what is disappeared of the spirit,and Beltane to a certain extent is about our awareness about what connects us to other people. what compels us.
the sun wants to rise again. there is a connection between the sun and earth and coins- it is this roundness. And there is the spindle- the World Tree or the May Pole, when you slice it you get the circle, the coin.
Later religions put a split between the material and spiritual world that did not exist among the original cow people.
We worship our Earth Mother, she is our wealth and our body, we eat her and she is in us.

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