Sunday, July 29, 2012

After the drought, Thunderstorms

Lugh cropped

We have survived the season long rainlessness. Watering and watering, leaving laundry on the line, car windows open or shoes outside to tempt the rain.
And now days of rain, some scary and violent storms, some drenching downpours, some gentle and cool.
I am grateful to see the grass green again.
Mushrooms are everywhere. The stream flows. 
Temperatures are breathable but the sun is still mighty and intense. Insects are raucous at night.
Some trees faintly pale. Most flowers are making seed.
Tomatoes should ripen in a week of sun and our grapes and late season peaches are about a month until harvest.

Summer rounds the corner and we busy ourselves to make it happen, get things done and work on the list. Lughnasa arrives.

Come celebrate this time of sun and harvest, of power and strength, of show and reward, county fair carnival season.

Sunday August 5th Late Afternoon Tea.
Bring your best pies, bring your garden harvest, bring your intention for the setting-aside-time, bring your love.

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