Friday, October 5, 2012


autumn leaves

The leaves started to fall the day after the equinox. Not only here, but several friends mentioned it as well. At times furiously coming down in great haste, other times imperceptibly drifting down like dandelion heads.
Now when it is not warm or you are not in the sun it is Cold and we have already used the woodstove.
The garden is, as always, not yet put to bed (though we did get to plant and mulch garlic) but, other than kale, some herbs and vines, the harvest is over.

end of season garden

It is impossible to catch this autumn light in the lens of a camera, the orange cast in the air disappears. Today is the first day of sun in a week- some days were raining hard, some pleasant grey and some shrouded in mist.
The sun moves ever more due South.
We need to collect branches and sticks.


Samhain approaches fast. The spirits of Wyrrd gather. Last night the moon, already North of the equinox sunrise, hung strangely in the trees looking like a light bulb or eyeball. Pools of condensation everywhere.

rocks and morning glories

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