Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Silent Winter settles in

snow landscape
first the freezing cold and then the snow and then more snow and ice and then rain.
there will be a slow melt, hastened by footsteps, and then it will freeze again.
   dance card  steps    melting
even the brook, which I always call a stream, is silent.

I will walk out in today’s sunshine to see it alive flowing beneath it’s cover.
We could probably still walk out onto the pond, but not for long. It will freeze again and we will have more snow but the lengthening of shadow and days has begun.
shadow drape   morning shadow
I will walk out today in a T-Shirt, though I am always warmer than most, and will feel the sun on my skin. Vitamin D.
We could read for days on end, but life slowly stirs back to normal.
West2013-01-28 21.21.25


Moma Fauna said...

CHEERS to snow & light & a boy with a camera!

Our Whole Grove said...

magical disconcerting light, light floating off snow, nights as bright as day. Boy's images so much more full of color and energy than mine.