Sunday, March 24, 2013

equinox fire scrying

our fire was so alive,
these photos needed to be on their own.
Feel free to share your interpretations.

fire 1fire 2fire 3fire 4fire 5fire 6fire 7fire 8fire 9 fire 10fire 11  fire 12fire 13fire 14fire 15fire 16fire 17 

fire portal 1fire portal 2fire portal 3fire portalfire spriteshorsewavewhorl


Moma Fauna said...

The one you marked "fire portal." The Little Lad & I would like to offer up a change of name to "fungi portal." So many mushrooms we found together. Also, if you rotate it clockwise, you will find a perfect heart on the right. Ah, yes. Fungi = Love. So do you.

Our Whole Grove said...

those portal ones were taken by the boy.

Eric C said...

Wow, I've been grooving on your fire photos in your posts over the last couple of months, so very cool... but -this- post. O-M-G, it's a veritable Firegasm !


Our Whole Grove said...

it's the spirits, we just snap pictures