Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer notes from late spring hanging with Bryan

porkypine visitor It is about sharing space with others and acknowledging the presence of others is the first step to a respectful relationship.
Nothing is inanimate and that everything has soul.
And when you take the time to acknowledge the uniqueness and specialness of things they respond to that. even the simplest of things respond to that.
The places of this home and garden are special claimed spaces for the purpose of building relationships with spirits of domestic cultivation. The caring and maintenance of selected relationships. Domestic luckiness or domestic luck is a big part of it.
By acknowledging the uniqueness of a being you build a bond with that being.
A house is not a single being but is composed of different rooms; a basement is not the same as an attic, a bathroom or a kitchen.
All things are themselves a community.
Protected environment, safety & shelter.
Grooming of space, ordering and reordering as ritual. Walls and doors and fences & gates
Awareness of boundaries and limitations
Trying to avoid trespass or injury

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