Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our Whole Lughnasa

time space continuum
A lot has passed this season from summer to autumn.
We have been through a lot and it is still not over,
but we take each day as best we can,
keeping on keeping on.

Lughnasa started with us struggling for normal,
trying to pretend that we were ok, that we could deal,
that life was fine.
Catching up on meetings and work
in between medicine and doctors appointments
and keeping everyone informed.
Not really cooking or cleaning,
just wandering through the days.
Waiting for Lughnasa and the turning of the wheel.
blue  red/green

                           Grateful for simply us,
                   very personal ritual in our own time.

Eating magical food lovingly prepared and gifted by a friend who shared her ingredient list that reads like poetry 
with complex and delicate flavors to match.
Normally we share tasks, at that time I was just all too happy to be strong enough to gather sticks and wood, to build a fire, to set up for ritual, to have him here,
and to gather together as family in sacred space and time.
fire built
Notes from Lughnasa:
Everything you need is just at your feet, the woods dark,
the waterfall a trickle.
Smudging the house from bottom to top,
lighting the fire of love
in the east & the south & the west & the north
clearing our space with smoke and honoring with gratitude
all positive energies
clearing the air
moving quicker as the house filled with smoke,
though no alarms went off
then the outside of the house
and the sage busting into full flame outside the root cellar
(may that be the only open fire to ever be near there)
blessing our energy source and backup energy,
garbage and mail,
and our house shrine- secret grove
and our gardens and fruiting plants and trees
and the flowers
and laying the shell of smudge finally on the earth.
Ready at the fire and just us
getting together quietly,
getting a glass of water,
getting comfortable if possible
within ourselves and with ourselves
sacred space3 gongs each different

the house shrine candle set a piece of wood alight
and with that our ritual
begun with the smudge without beginning
began on its own
this wood was lighter for the crown flame
and the central fire.
wood fireflame slice lighting our cedar 2

flying fire
firefirst central firefire 
Let this fire be a good fire 
Bryan and the firessmoke
Let our prayers be heard
Prayers for Peace with the world
shared with the moon

sacrificeFlower petals and whiskey and garlic stalks
and chocolate chip cookies
Our tincture for the Earth Mother
teas and herbs
and the last of last year’s sweet grass for final sacrifice
Jamison & cookiescookies and smoke
ash    fire
sacrificesacrifice  sacrifice burns sacrifice burns sun  prayers prayers prayers
sacrifice burnssacrifice prayersfinal sacrificefinal sacrifice  sacrifice burnssacrifice burns sacrifice burns sacrifice burns Family holding hands and om together around the fire
3 sets of omens
plus 3 virtues

Endless gratitude and tears
It is a gift to pray

Feel yourself be you  omen cloth  runes 1 & 2runes 3 & 4        runesJoy/Truth, Direction & Balance/Prayer, Attention& Defense/
Sacred Enclosurereading runesshuffling cardsritual space5 of Cups/The Magician/10 of Pentacles/
9 of Cups
Acknowledgement of our remaining strength
Catalyst using all the tools
Root energy of stability with all you need
Satisfaction & appropriate movement
tarot omensvirtue omensogham omens Ur or the Heather/Saille or the Willow/Fearn or the Alder/
Onn or Gorse
sweetness, bending, defensive & protective,
shield for that which is precious

waters and circlesfinal fireashes      ashes  we all fall down

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