Thursday, April 28, 2016

the season of Spring

Things progress more slowly on this mountain and the subtlety of  the season has unfurled daily.
Now we are ready for Beltaine.

There had been early heat that brought the valley to bloom just to freeze in a late snow.

and then we started all over again
into Spring. 


But before all this strong sunshine and dry earth
it was grey.
Marvelously grey, like our spirits,
uncertain and disturbed.

fruiting lichen

We had gotten it together to go see family, almost mid-way across the country,
and were to leave just after our Vernal Equinox ritual.
It was a tight schedule and a lot of effort but it was the time.
The challenges of travel, family and health colored the holiday for everyone
and fortuitously we ended up just us 3 for ritual.
A family ritual of balance. 

flowering moss


 I remember the lush green moss in the woods as we processed to the Nemeton.
Now the moss is dry with strong sun only slightly filtered
by just budding trees
and little water.

There were few flowers but even without snow, we thrilled at the awakening of the earth.


Bryan and I did a lot of the ritual sacrifice together, maybe not hand-in-hand but 
heart to heart
or side by side.
Our teenage son, silent in the West, but wholly present,
taking photos until the camera battery died.

hair branches

Strawberry in the East
Strawberries to our directions, a spot of color on the silence of the landscape,
breathing in and out to the water flowing,
the last of his Bailey's to the Earth Mother.
Earth Mother sacrifice

we burned our sweet grass and grain sheaves and poured seeds down the well.
our contained fire was small but alive.
let this fire be a good fire

first flame
 seed sacrifice

fire well and tree
 Just giving thanks from deep in the recessed corners of our pockets from the lost winter and for the season to come.
fire well and tree

fire in the cauldronfire out of the cauldron
final sacrificefinal sacrifice
A large smudge for final sacrifice,
throwing the rune sticks in the North,
throwing sticks
our omens- the last photo

Our Omens
from the Honored Dead: Ansuz or the Voice-LISTEN you are being spoken to.
from the Spirits of Nature and Place: Wunjo or JOY-camaraderie, fellowship, getting along.
from the Gods and Goddesses: Nathuz or NEED-what you need.
for the Season: Perthro or LUCK- the chance cup.

and one extra just to make sure: Algiz or Protection-, the Elksedge, BE ALERT,
the world needs more lerts.

  balance and flow

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