Monday, September 12, 2016

Lughnasah- the drifting of clouds

So now over a month later, this glorious month of Lugh, of summer, of heat and seasons changing.
Welcoming cool nights and even the drenching heat of summer’s return, we and the leaves change.
The drying of the gardens is different now as harvest calls past.

Lughnasah or Lughnasad or Lughnasa is that high point stretching,
the last endless before fall.

As much as the strong summer sun was unbearable at times this season drops us headlong into fall.
Nights come so much more quickly and it is just dawning at 6am.
Autumnal Equinox is soon.
But the clouds, in the sky, 
draw our eyes.

Thanks summertime, summer vacation, summer sun!
eternal daylight withdrawing.

Telling the stories of Lugh
and his foster mother Tailtiu
and all the battles and the instruments and the winning and the harvests.
This telling and retelling as sacrifice.
May we continue in our strength. 
May we remain joyfully together.

Some notes from then now:
Visits from our old neighbor, 
the Bear,
and the other neighbors.
Honoring the Bear.

 bird songs and human chatter
connection to the earth as the wind chimes the gong
You light the fire.
We work the fire back to life as Bridget sacrifice, 
our continued breath.

group effort of sacrifice as creative devotional.


fruit and mead, sage and sweetgrass,
wet and heavy vegetables onto the fire,
a summer afternoon fire.
fireworks as the fire is soaked at night.
A giant flame.
It’s all OK.
Healthy Balance.
Focus within.
Grounded on the Earth.
Smoke in the sunlight.  

Our Omens
from the Ancestors: Raido-Communication
from the Spirits of Nature and Place: Year-Harvest
from the Gods & Goddesses: Laguz or Lake, that which we draw up from
for the Season: Isa or Ice.

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