Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Balance the Egg, Feel the Mud

my girlfriend just had a baby this week and the wind has finally eased and the sun was out and my neighbor cut back the raspberries and the earth gives way to my feet as I walk in my slippers to the raging stream. Newness is all around and the cycles of birth and rebirth stretch our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits.
Come break out of your shell, Spring is here and you better get busy. But first take a moment to balance yourself on the Earth Mother, when the day and night are equal and breathe.

We gather for Equinox Ritual and PotLuck Celebration
Sunday 3/21/10 at 1:32 pm
As the Solstices are about the Sun, we tend to look at the Equinox’s as about the Earth
and also in this beginning time to reflect on the East and the Mothers.
It is a time to rejoice in the returning green.
Bring any seeds that you want blessed and some food to share for an early Sunday supper.
Our cyser that we made in the fall is now ready!! We will be decanting it and tasting!

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