Sunday, April 11, 2010


Balance has a new feel, having been thrown off balance by the passing of our dear friend Anna. She has attended some rituals and been a really powerful presence. May her spirit shine on as honored dead.
So this equinox started with us going to NYC and Bryan attending the ritual of NYC So druids. Dropping him off on the Upper East Side and him walking cross-town in the Spring of the City wearing his bear claw necklace and with a honey bear to celebrate ritual without leading it. And then him coming to meet us at 5 walking all the way downtown fast paced just after receiving the waters for us to go to Hoboken to witness the 122nd annual ritual of the swearing in of officers at the secret room of the Elks Lodge with our friend becoming the new Exalted Ruler. Then driving through the night to get home to celebrate our equinox in the morning.

Women burning flowers.

We blessed our seeds and the seeds within us and our tools and the tools to shape and grow and craft.

We said our thanks.

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