Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lughnasa notes and musings -part 1

Point yourself in the direction that you want to go and take aim.
Do it.

Reminded how there is no tomorrow, there is only this moment of summer and harvest.

So we had cleaned for others already and cooked what we had because its always enough.
Bryan lit the fire in the morning, just because, because it was us and the time.
And though we were not going to use that fire we did.
It was comfortable. We were there.

It's impossible to re-create all we experienced, all the bird calls, the synchronicities, the feeling then

We have been praying a lot.
We have been trying to understand and create focus.
Each day seems hard and soft.

This season plunges us into the beginning of autumn even as we also relish in the endless garden, 
the cacophony of insect life, the voluptuous clouds.

The light has already changed. 
It is different.

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